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I cannot survive without you

To be closer to you, I decided to post a picture with everything I like and I need (usually everyday). So first, here is a picture:

First of all, computer – my college, job, brand and hobbies are connected to this non-degradable piece of plastic (and other materials of course) with a lot of information. I actually just bought a new one couple a  months ago and I´m completelly satisfied. For now… Then my phone (and the charger); I switched to Apple one year ago and I like it cause it´s easier to use it than android (and we have to admit, it looks better that  Samsung S-something >>EDGE<<). I can´t wait to drop it on the closest staircase (I swear it would fall on that ˝edge˝). Ok back to the stuff… I also like it because of the apps – thank you for an apple wallet app, it´s so useful. A JBL loudspeaker is so good (and it was cheap if I compare it to the other ones), I use it all the time and I have to say (sorry to certain people) – it is better that Bang & Olufsen speakers (at least in that price range). Izipizi sunglasses; yeah I need you cause I had an eye surgery couple of years ago and I can´t see a shit without you. Thanks for your existence.

Ok I´m completelly lost without my planner (and notebook), I carry it around all the time cause my life happens on the paper first and then actually in the real life (who could understand me?). The Muji pen; it has to be black of course; black is such a happy colour. The wallet and the keys (with a chipolo) – we all kinda need this right? I really love that wallet, cause it has a magnet to close it (so cool). I´m so happy to have USBs these days, can you imagine carrying around floppy disks everyday (or maybe rather VHS tapes?!); I need it for all my projects and leaflets and designs and everything I make (you can also understand this right?). Then power bank (oh I just remembered that one girl which posted on fb: Does someone have a power BANG to lend me, just for one hour? – Nope, I don´t have bang for you, I can lend you a power bank. She funny (dot). Oh yes, I need this power bank just in case (such a bad batteries nowadays + better to have this kind of batteries, than the one that explode?!). Tissues (my nose runs most of the time and don´t ask me why). Ipod – just in case that ˝battery low˝ is calling me and I want to listen to the music. Water bottle; love that memo bottle brand – it´s so thin, you can definitelly carry this around and people, please use reusable water bottles – THERE IS TO MUCH PLASTIC in the world (mostly in the oceans – #angry). Nelipot (just in case;). Chewing gum, business cards and archi clips, this is just for the business XD oh and the backpack – boopack; love the brand, not because it´s slovenian (yeah because of that too), but it´s actually a good quality – I carry around my stuff which is heavy af;)

I am really satisfied with those products and I will post some links, that you can also check it and decide if you like it or not 😉






planner and notepad (surprise surprise):




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