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Being unorganized makes you nervous

Ohh where should I start. I have so much stuff going on, that I was so nervous last week and I had to do something about it. Let me start at the beginning… First of all, I love to spend some time with my family, my love and my friends (as we all do). I also started doing my master thesis, well doing a research, because I will write about the history of my village Kranjska Gora and my grandma called couple of neighbours, relatives and friends and now I have like 20 books at home. I don´t want to be a drama queen (I am not, I swear), but I will need like 2 years to read all of them hah. Ok the next thing is of course (my baby) and I love doing this, but it takes some time (calls, emails, new designs, bills, social media… bla bla bla everything). I´m doing on some new products btw, I can´t tell, but I promise you will see them soon. I also started working for THE Slovenia and this also takes some time, like 2 days a week and master thesis 2 days a week and people also call me to make some designs, interior, house, draw a tattoo… It´s a lot of days a week. Another thing I love and it will be a great experience (I´m 100% sure) is Mister Slovenia competition (dance, photo shoots… and stuff). Then the Open house Slovenia is in 2 weeks – I am also a part of this, because I just love architecture. Btw you have to come and see me (well and some great architecture on saturday the 6th – check my insta couple of days before that). Ok ok this is already too much. And when I have to much, I just open another 10km package of clay and I start designing some plates, mugs, bowls… CERAMICS. Now I am sure that I missed couple of things, maybe 10, but I wanted to show you something.

Being unorganized makes you nervous and I was so nervous last week. I had to do something about it… I went to Austria with my family and bought a grid and a black matte spray. Sprayed the grid and put it on the wall (ok it took me 2 days, it wasn´t so easy haha). But now, I put all my notes there, all my sticky notes (which were all around my room – just kidding, I´m more Organized… they were all around the house 😛

And now… now I´m happy and calm and it really helps.

PRICES: grid 4.5€, spray 5€, hooks 1.2€, wooden pegs 2€ = 12,7€

It was reaaally cheap, cause I made it all by myself. And what is your excuse, not to be ORGANIZED?;)

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