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Even though I love THE AMAZE products, I will tell you a story about our collab first.

I met Nataša and Kris ammm, this year? Maybe last year? I have no idea, because it seems like we have known each other forever. We acutually met, because I love THE AMAZE and I think I had to hand them one of my ceramic plates . After some time and many meetings (coffee breaks) we thought about an idea. It would be so cool to spread a word also with clothes, not just food.

Word about what? Let me explain. With these funny texts we wanted to spread a word about food. About impact. About CO2. Our impact on the nature and all living creatures is not something we as a species can be proud of. We wanted to spread a word about care for our planet, so the generations to come will also be able to enjoy the picnics in the nature.

What is really important – for THE AMAZE to produce, we spend 95% LESS WATER, 90% LESS LAND and there are 85% FEWER GHG EMISSIONS and this is something we should think about. I am not going to tell you about veganism, but if we just help to spread a word about our behaviour, we did something great.

There are 2 designs in black and white available and with buying one of these, you help our planet, your children and yourselves. <3

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