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Summer Vegan Peach Galette by Little kitchen vibes

˝This year summer just flew us by. But I am not giving up on it quite yet. I’m recreating a summer vibe with this summer vegan peach galette that I absolutely adore.

Peach Season

The peach season usually starts in the early summer, but I find those peaches are usually not ripe yet, kinda sour and with no luscious taste. And the prices are really high at that time.

Later in the summer, prices start to drop, and the taste of peaches rounds into a honey-like sweetness. I love those peaches.

Even later, when summer starts saying goodbye, peach prices are the lowest. Peach season is saying goodbye along with the summer. I think that’s when we’re all clinging to the last warm days, last picnics of the season, last hot hikes, and refreshing swims. That’s the time for late-summer recipes like summer vegan peach galette …˝ – Vita | Little kitchen vibes


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