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Vegan cherry pie

By THE VEGAN HARMONY | SLO and ENG version | slovenska in angleška različica

˝The combination of crispy dough and juicy sweet and sour filling is simply impossible to resist! And the best thing is that it is very simple to make, as it is made with simple ingredients and takes very little time to make. As a bonus the wonderful smell of cherries will fill your home while baking.

Apple pie and cherry pie are our favourite pies, they are so juicy and exceptional in taste. We prefer to use frozen cherries as they are very full of flavour, have a beautiful vivid colour and contain a lot of vitamins and minerals. We use them very often when baking desserts, mostly for fillings for cakes, pies, cheesecake and they are also great for smoothies.˝

Check the recipe HERE | preveri recept TUKAJ

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