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Numberless stressful errands and lack of time to pick the clothes to wear today? Feel ya. I was really confused and unorganized couple of years ago, but then I got myself a meaningful triangle tattoo that gives me strength and it became a symbol of organization.
I am Matic Benet; architect, graphic designer, entrepreneur, potter and model. Actually a 26 years old guy from Kranjska Gora - a small village in Slovenia. What should I tell you about myself, hummmm. I love organizing stuff and events and my time and clothes and basically everything. My friends always tell me that I am a very Organized person, so the name of the brand was pretty easy to choose ūüėõ I also love winter sports and climbing, cycling, hiking and of course architecture, graphic design and ceramics. So much love... but let me tell you a story about Organized - how it all began...

The brand Organized began after I designed a planner which suited my needs, after finding that none of those on the market were what I was looking for. After seeing my original design in 2015, family and friends asked me to create them a copy, and this is where the brand started. The brand Organized came into existence in 2017.
After planners and other stationery products that help you plan your life, I also added simple and very cozy clothing, cause people wanted it, and also healthy and traditional enamel mugs and natural vegan soy candles. All together became a huge family of products to plan your time, to feel cozy when doing it and to enjoy it even more with a cup of coffee and with a nice smell of natural vegan soy candle in the background.
I stand up for a greener future, so the products are made from local materials. Paper products can be 100% recycled and packaging can be reused or recycled. Together we can make a brighter future. We have to start somewhere. Make a small step with trusting me and my products and we can make a better future.

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